Cool Bunk Rooms & Suites

No doubt this is where we worked very hard, so you can enjoy comfortable and spacious dorms and private suites, designed to make you feel cozy, confortable and relaxed. We want that after a long day sightseeing, partying or shopping you can always come back to TOC and unwind yourself in our comfortable dorms & suites or in our common areas where you can always have a drink and mingle around and make new friends.

TOC Hostels

Amazing Locations

This is one of the main aims of TOC Hostels, to provide our guests the best locations in some of the most exciting cities in Spain: Barcelona, Madrid and Sevilla. At TOC Hostels we have chosen the most convenient locations so you can be closer to the city center and all its excitement. Our hostels are located within walking distance from historical places, monuments, tourist attractions and the most important shopping areas.

TOC Hostels

Meet Cool Travellers like You

TOC travellers are cool, active, curious and very sociable. We have designed our hostels thinking in the best environment for people like you, who not only want to visit new places but also want to meet other cool people. Our common spaces, dorms and spanish terraces offer the ideal place for this to happen. Oh and if you want tu just relax and watch a movie, you will be able to do so in our movie room where we will have a wide range of movies & series to watch.

TOC Hostels

High Quality Services and Amenities

Our mission in TOC Hostels is to offer you the best hostel experience, that is why we have worked hard to raise the bar and offer more than the hotels & hostels next door. We have taken care of every small detail in the hostel decoration, room and dorm amenities and common areas to offer you the best quality for the price. Hope we will see you soon and if you have any other doubt please check our FAQ and if that is not enough you can send a twitt and we will get back you you asap.

TOC Hostels
TOC Hostels
TOC Hostels
TOC Hostels
TOC Hostels



We want you to have an unforgettable experience, the basic coexistence rules and respect must always be in mind. Antisocial behaviour won’t be tolerated.


Check-In time is from 03:00 pm to 03:00 am (Barcelona), 02:00 pm to 02:00 am (Madrid), 02:00 pm to 02:00 am (Sevilla). However, if you arrive earlier, you can ask at the front desk if your bed/room is already available. If not, we’ll be pleased to store your luggage until check-in time with no extra cost for you.


Check-Out time is until 11:00 am . If you need, we’ll be pleased to store your luggage with no extra cost, after your check-out. Checking-out after 12:00 pm without the knowledge of the staff members, will be fined with the loss of the 10,00€ deposit.


Our front desk is open 24/7 and you’re free to go out and come back any time. However, identification document might be necessary to get into the hostel during the night.


In accordance to the Child Protection Acts, guests under 18 years old are not allowed to sleep in the dorms.


Smoking is not allowed in the hostel premises.


It’s strictly forbidden to drink and eat in the rooms. The fridge in the bar area should be used to store your food or beverage. If any of the staff members notice any food or drink it will be taken out from the room.


We know you want to share the experience with your pet, but for hygiene reasons and respect for others, pets are not allowed.


In the dorms use only the bed and the space allocated for you. All bunks have a reading light and a place to keep your belongings. If for any reason you want to move to another bed, let us know first.


Each bed has it’s own locker. Guests are advised to keep all their belongings locked up. The hostel is not responsible for any loss of valuables. You can use your own padlock to close it. If you don’t have any, you can buy one at the front desk.


The bed linen we gave you, is obligatory to use. You also have to prepare your own bed in the dorms. Sleeping over the mattress has a penalty of 20,00€ for the laundry expenses. The 10,00€ deposit will be given back to you, once you bring back the bed sheets at check-out time.


You don’t need to travel with towels. You can rent one at the front desk for 2,00€.


To keep the resting of the other guests, visits are not allowed in the dorms/rooms. Friends are welcome in the public areas.


There’s a fix penalty of 120,00€ for hanging personal belongings on the balconies. It is totally prohibited.


If you need a hair dryer we’ll be pleased to borrow you one. A deposit of 10,00€ will be required.