Groundhog Day

The next dates 6th & 7th of Febrary will celebrate “Groundhog Day” in Sevilla. A important date in Sevilla since 2014 where Sevilla will celebrate 22 concerts in “Contemporanean Andalusian Centre”.

The music groups are: los SweetHearts from America, The Lawyers, Viva Suecia, Victoria FordTigres Leones, el Imperio del perro, Blam de Lam, Escuelas Pías, Tony Love & The dirty band, My Yellostone, Ramona, Detergente Líquido, Beautiful señoritas, Mist, Éter, Vera Fauna, Break The senses, Alondra Galopa, Emmett, Dienteslargos…

And the best of all is ¡ The concerts are free!

More info: Groundhog Day info