Discover our Hostel in Barcelona

A stylish stay near Plaza Cataluña

TOCHostel Barcelona is a unique, beautifully designed hostel in which your stay will be both comfortable and unforgettable. Find your perfect accommodation by choosing either one of our private rooms or a comfy bed in one of our shared rooms. ...
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A perfect plan for sunny days: Relax, make new friends, enjoy some tapas and sip a tasty mojito by the pool on our popular terrace. You'll find the best security technology with fingerprint room access control system, 24/7 Reception, security cameras, safes for your personal belongings in all rooms and dorms and many other features, such as free Wi-Fi, bar & restaurant, kitchen, main living room, playroom and much more!  

in TOCHostel Barcelona


Services in TOCHostel Barcelona:

  • Safes in private rooms as well as in all beds
  • Kitchen for guests
  • Luggage storage
  • Laundry
  • Pool
  • Sun deck

Pool & Terrace

Enjoy being outdoors on our terrace! Feel like getting a tan, listening to good music, diving in the pool, dancing at sunset or sipping your favourite cocktail? It’s a hard life, isn’ it? In TOCHostels & Suites, you’ll get to enjoy the best that Barcelona has to offer, in one of the most traditional patios of the city’s Eixample neighbourhood.

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Opening hours

opening season
April 1st- November 1st

Bar &
Cocktails Barcelona

  • opening hours

    monday to thursday
    6am - 12pm
    friday to sunday
    11am - 12pm
  • Breakfast

    price €10
    Monday to Sunday
    8am — 11am

Start the day off with a full continental breakfast, every day from 8:00 to 11:00. Remember: breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

During the day, our barmen will be happy to recommend you amazing cocktails to enjoy on the terrace, by the swimming pool, the pool table or dining area.

But when the sun sets, that’s when the magic starts: DJ’s, music bands, artists, chefs and local people get together with our barmen to create a unique atmosphere. Enjoy our home-made cocktails, be the king of the dancefloor, watch an artist playing live or even become part of the artwork.

Experience it for yourself: come over!

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Our shared kitchen

We invite you to our kitchen: it is big, fun, fully equipped and always open for you. From very early in the morning, start off – or end up – the day with a full breakfast buffet. A kitchen with microwave, toaster, kettle etc., is at your disposal so you can prepare and heat all the products you purchased to have lunch or dinner with other guests. The kitchen is shared with all the hostel guests, so you’ll be surrounded by cooks of all kinds preparing typical dishes from their own country or local gastronomy. Give it a try and share!

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Opening hours

Monday to Sunday
7am — 11pm


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