Terms & Conditions

1. Interpretation

In these Terms and Conditions, unless the context requires otherwise, the following expressions have the following meanings:

“Arrival Date” refers to the date on which the Customer’s stay at the hostel is due to commence, as per the Booking Details.

“Booking” means the reservation by the Customer of accommodation and any other products and services detailed in the Booking which is accepted by TOCHostels.

“Booking Details” means the details of the Booking including the number of Guests, the number of rooms required, the duration of the Guests’ stay at the Hostel and any other products or services to be included in the Booking.

“Charges” means the charges payable by the Customer in connection with the Booking.

“Contract” means the contract between the Customer and TOCHostels in relation to the Booking.

“Customer” means the person who makes the Booking. “TOCHostels” means the hostels of the group.

“Guests” means the Customer and any third parties they invite to the Hostel in connection with the Booking.

“Hostel” means the hostel owned or operated by TOCHostels the location of which is specified in the Booking.

2. Bookings

2.1 Customers can request Bookings via TOCHostels’ website or by contacting TOCHostels’ staff at the Hostel.

2.2 When requesting a Booking, Customers will be required to provide identification information including their name, address, contact telephone number, email address and credit card information as a guarantee.

2.3 No request for a Booking should be deemed to be accepted unless and until TOCHostels confirms its acceptance and provides a booking reference, at which point the Contract will come into existence.

2.4 Subject to clause 4, TOCHostels will use its reasonable endeavours to accommodate any request from the Customer to change the Booking Details but any request to change the dates or length of stay or add products and/or services will be subject to availability. The Customer will be required to pay for such increased length of stay or products or services at TOCHostels’ current standard rates.

2.5 When booking beds in a shared room, TOCHostels will attempt to put people on the same booking in the same room, however this cannot be guaranteed.

3. Fees and payments

3.1 The Charges will be as quoted by TOCHostels to the Customer upon the Customer’s request for a Booking.

3.2 Unless otherwise agreed by TOCHostels, the Charges only cover the provision of accommodation at the Hostel and the Customer may incur additional charges such as, for example, charges for meals and bar.

3.3 Customers will be informed of the amount of the Additional Charges before they are incurred.

3.4 Bookings will be subject to the Customer making payment of the Charges in full in advance.

3.5 If not prepaid in full at time of booking, the balance of the Charges must be paid by the Customer immediately on checking in at the Hostel. Any Additional Charges must be paid as they are incurred.

3.6 The following payment methods are accepted by TOCHostels:

3.6.1 American Express, Visa, Union Pay, Maestro and Mastercard credit and debit cards

3.6.2 Cash or credit or debit cards, if the Customer is paying in person at the Hostel.

3.7 It must be taken into consideration that Bookings are made for a period of stay that is equal or inferior to 7 nights; Bookings of 14 or more beds are subject to special conditions (to be checked with the Hostel).

4. Cancellations

4.1 Subject to clause 4.2, the Customer may cancel the Booking without charge if notice is given to TOCHostels at least 48 hours prior to 15:00 (local time) on the Arrival Date, in which case TOCHostels will refund to the Customer all sums paid by the Customer in advance, except when the rate is not refundable.

4.2 Where the Customer has been offered a discounted rate on condition that the Booking becomes non-refundable upon cancellation then, provided the Customer has been informed of such Condition, in the event of cancellation of the Booking, all Charges applicable to that Booking remain payable in full.

4.3 Where the Customer fails to give sufficient notice of cancellation as per clause 4.1 or fails to arrive (no show) at the Hostel, the entire Booking will be deemed cancelled and the Customer must pay the Hostel an amount equivalent to the Charges applicable to the full amount of the first night of the stay at the Hostel.

4.4 TOCHostels may at any time cancel a Booking if the Hostel becomes unavailable due to circumstances outside TOCHostels’ control in which case TOCHostels will pay the Customer a full refund of any Charges and any booking fee paid.

4.5 TOCHostels may at any time cancel the Booking if the payment details provided by the Customer are invalid and the Customer fails to provide alternative valid details.

5. Check-in and check-out

5.1 Check-in time at the Hostel booked is from 15:00. Check-in prior to 15:00 may be possible, subject to availability at the moment of arrival.

5.2 Check-out time at the Hostel booked is 11:00. Later check-out times may result in the Customer being charged for an additional night’s accommodation at the standard applicable rate.

6. Hostel rules

6.1. Refer to our FAQ & Terms section on our website.

7. Food and beverages

7.1 Unless otherwise agreed by TOCHostels, the Charges do not include any food or drinks.

7.2 Customers and their Guests may not consume alcoholic beverages purchased outside TOCHostels.

8. Disabled Guests

8.1 TOCHostels complies with all laws regulating the treatment of, and provision for, disabled Guests.

8.2 Customers with any special requirements pertaining to a disability should inform the management team at the Hostel prior to the Arrival Date.


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