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In our BUENO Bar and BUENO Café, we know that the best moments are lived around a table, surrounded by the people who make us feel good and accompanied by quality products. That’s why our name BUENO was born, because we want to take care of you, so you can eat like at home and have a good cup of coffee.

If you visit us at TOC Malaga or TOC Granada, you will discover our gastronomic offering.

Do you fancy a specialty coffee? Maybe a fresh grilled salmon? …?


We support quality raw materials and a broad variety of products, so that everyone who enters BUENO can take time to pause and enjoy.

We define ourselves as a cosmopolitan restaurant-bar and cafeteria that allows diners to enjoy modern cuisine in a warm and contemporary setting.

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BUENO Granada

Healthy & BUENO

Fresh & local product

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Bueno Granada is more than food: it was born to create a space where you can share a delicious and balanced meal with your friends.
Everything is designed so that you can enjoy our Mediterranean cuisine with modern touches.

The ... soul of the restaurant is our Josper oven, where we prepare our grilled dishes with that unmistakable charcoal flavor.

Real food, with healthy and local inspiration, made to share.

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BUENO Malaga

BUENO Coffee

We take care of our coffee

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    We open every day

    Monday to Sunday from
    12.00pm - 8.00pm
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Driven by a passion for coffee and the desire to be able to offer BUENO coffee to both local and international customers, BUENO Café was born.
From the beginning, we wanted to honor the coffees’ origin, as well as to recover the traditional ... way of working.

Our goal is to offer the best coffees in the world while respecting the work on the farms, promoting the culture of good coffee, as well as minimizing our footprint and creating small positive impacts on the planet.
Our greatest wish is for you to be able to enjoy a wide variety of the best coffees in the world with us at any time of the day, with great care taken in the selection offered.

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Restaurante BUENO Granada

Our philosophy

We share our spaces for sharing BUENO

Open and modern Mediterranean kitchen

At BUENO, the product is the star of the show. Real food that respects the flavor of the produce and the rhythm of the seasons. Open and modern Mediterranean kitchen.

Our spirit is to be a meeting place where you can share honest, loca ... l food. Combining our essence with our great atmosphere, we are confident that you will enjoy our experience.

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